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LIQUI MOLY becomes official supplier of the Deutscher Segler Verband

The Olympic elite sports association and the lubricant manufacturer agree to cooperation at boot Düsseldorf

LIQUI MOLY and the Deutscher Segler Verband (DSV) are cooperating: This was announced at the world's largest water sports exhibition, boot, in Düsseldorf by Jan Volk (left), Director Business Development Boat and Marine at LIQUI MOLY, DSV President Mona Küppers, as well as DSV General Secretary Goetz-Ulf Jungmichel.

January 2018 – Well-known in world-class motor and winter sports, the blue-red logo of LIQUI MOLY is now also entering water sports. The German oil and care product manufacturer is becoming an official supplier to the German sailing association Deutscher Segler Verband (DSV). The cooperation was sealed at the world's largest water sports exhibition boot Düsseldorf.

At the center of the partnership is the equipping of the German Sailing Team. In order to run, maintain and care for the sailing and motor boats at the national sports base in Kiel, LIQUI MOLY is providing winch and boat greases, motor oils, fuel additives as well as care products.

"With this cooperation we are figuratively setting sail for an expansion of our brand awareness in the maritime sector," says Jan Volk, Director Business Development Boat and Marine at LIQUI MOLY during the announcement of the contract running until the end of 2020.

"A world-class team in elite sport and a globally recognized brand with products in top quality; these fit together perfectly," says Goetz-Ulf Jungmichel, General Secretary of the DSV.


About the DSV

The Deutscher Segler Verband (DSV), founded in 1888, is the umbrella organization for the German sailing, windsurfing and surfing clubs, the state sailing associations and the class associations. With more than 1,300 clubs and more than 180,000 club members, it is one of the 20 largest elite sports associations in Germany. The DSV has given itself the task of improving the environment for practicing sailing and of supporting its members in its work. This includes the comprehensive presentation of sailing in the public sphere, consumer protection for sailors and the representation of their interests with industry, politics as well as domestic and overseas associations.

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